About MD

About MD

Hello everyone! This is sumitha here! I have done my bachelors in engineering at K.S.R College of technology. I was basically from a small city in tamilnad.Though I got multiple placement offers from software companies and my core field, I was looking for something exciting and challenging, that's when I got a mail from my parent company Naval incorporation. I got impressed by the opportunity to work for myself, so I opted this profile .

Because I don’t want to work for someone else’s dream like a mediocre. I came to know that if I really work hard here, I will be able to level up my lifestyle.I never saw this profile as a marketing profile, because I enjoyed working with different clients including charity.

I always wanted to deal with human rather than dealing with systems and machines. I got transformed from an engineering graduate fresher to a budding entrepreneur.Here, I saw people who is being happy for working hard and who is proud of themselves.I wanted to be like them.Right now, I am one among them. "Happy and Proud" to be part of them !! I have reached this height only because of the belief these people have in me. I really want to thank everyone who believed in me and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Right now my goal is to expand my business in different cities.


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